“Now your therapist lives inside your smartphone.”


Lyf Support is an instant text based chat, providing ongoing PAYG sessions with our mental health experts. Each session is 30 minutes but can be extended for as long as you wish. No obstacles like annoying questionnaires or having to wait hours or days to be matched. You’ll get immediate responses, help and guidance. The best part is that a professional is available at the tap of a button 24/7.



Professional support anytime, from anywhere

Rather than waiting hours or days to be matched with a professional, Lyf Support is ready for you in an instant. All sessions are one on one with a real person, not a bot. Always private and secure.

A world of support in the palm of your hand

We created lyf support so that you have professionals to talk to right at the very moment you feel like talking. Not in a few hours time or in a few days or when you next have an appointment. In fact, no appointments are necessary. If you’re someone who is up in the middle of the night struggling to sleep, lyf support is made for you. Having relationship problems and need to talk immediately? Try Lyf Support. Anxiety, depression, grief, addiction? We got you.

Available 24,7 start your first session today