Have you ever wanted to message your psych at any time?

Well now you can!

Lyf support is mental health guidance through text messaging with our team of fully qualified mental health professionals.


It’s like being able to text your psych anytime you need them.

Scheduled monthly, weekly or even daily appointments are backbone of mental healthcare but what about all those times in between appointments when you feel down, lonely or just want to talk. What about times when you need spontaneous or immediate guidance?

For example in the middle of the night (insomnia) or in the moment of having an anxiety attack or the very day a relationship becomes challenging. These are the moments you need a psych the most.


We got you
anywhere, anytime.

No obstacles like questionnaires or having to wait hours or days to be matched. You’ll get immediate responses, help and advice from a team who genuinely care.

This is how we do it.

Collaborative team.

We assign a small team of remote psychs to each client. The team works collaboratively in rotating shifts covering 24 hours a day. Each psych has secure access to the client’s previous messaging sessions. Through this collaborative approach, the Lyf Support Team is able to to work in concert with each other and the client around the clock seven days a week.

No wait times.

No appointments needed, no cancellation policies.

Pay as you use the service.

Each messaging session is 30 minutes but can be extended for as long as you wish. No lock-in contracts or subscription fees.

Available 24/7 start your first session today