What is a session?​

30 minutes of continuous text messaging with a member of our Lyf Support Psych team.

What if I get to the end of my session and I want to keep going?​

At the tap of a button you can add more time and continue for as long as you wish.

Will I get the same psych every time?

Lyf Support assigns a small team of psychs to each client. The team works collaboratively in rotating shifts covering 24 hours a day. Each psychologist has secure access to a client’s previous session information and summary. Every time you log in you will have someone from the same team.

What is the advantage of having a team?

Collaboration, the team can establish a common goal and work in concert to achieve patient centred care. Additionally, there is always a psych on shift at any time of the day or night eliminating the need to schedule and wait for appointments.

Where are the psychs located?

Lyf Support employs psychologists from all around the world. By utilising this global employment base we can roster our staff according to a global timezone. What might be the middle of the night for you could be the middle of the day for our staff.

What qualifications do the professionals have?

Each psych is fully qualified with a minimum of master’s degree in psychology and registered to practice in their country of residence.

Why is it so cheap?

Having a global offshore team allows for far more affordable appointment costs.

Can I save my sessions?

Yes. Each session is auto saved to a “past sessions” folder found in the main menu. You can read past sessions any time you wish without incurring costs.

Do I have to give my real name?

No. You can remain anonymous by providing a screen name.

Can I ask for the psych’s name?

Yes. Each psych will provide you with their screen name.

Can I ask for a particular preferred psych?

No. Our team works in a rotating roster so there is no guarantee your preferred psych is rostered on at the time you have logged on.

Are these sessions confidential? Who else can access them?

They have been encrypted using the latest in security technology. All sessions are 100% confidential. No one, outside of the Lyf Support Team can access them.

Are you having trouble logging in?

Please contact us at squad@lyf.app so we can assist. We will reply in a timely manner.

What if I am dissatisfied with an aspect of the service provided?

Please contact us at squad@lyf.app. We will reply in a timely manner and reimburse the costs if a technical fault within the app has occurred.

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