We are seeking partnerships with psychologists and psychology clinics who are keen to enhance their traditional therapy sessions with the latest in digital mental health care.

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In between your client’s psych sessions, there is

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It’s like being able to text their psych anytime they need them.

Lyf Support is a text messaging service provided by our team of fully qualified mental health professionals.

Scheduled monthly, weekly or even daily appointments are the backbone of mental healthcare but what about all those times in between appointments when clients feel down, lonely or just want to talk. What about times when clients need spontaneous or immediate guidance?

For example in the middle of the night (insomnia) or in the moment of having an anxiety attack or the very day a relationship becomes challenging. These are the moments a client needs a psych the most.

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This is how we do it…

Collaborative team.

We assign a small team of remote psychs to each client. The team works collaboratively in rotating shifts covering 24 hours a day. Each psych has secure access to the client’s previous messaging sessions. Through this collaborative approach, the Lyf Support Team is able to to work in concert with each other and the client around the clock seven days a week.

Our qualifications.

Each psych is fully qualified with a minimum of master’s degree in psychology and registered to practice in their country of residence.

Scope of work

Our team is trained to handle a broad range of psychological issues ranging from anxiety & depression to complex personality disorders. We are also well equipped to help with insomnia, stress, relationship issues, grief and addiction. In addition to providing basic talk therapy our team specialises in offering various tips and coping methods to assist clients in the very moment of their struggle.

No obstacles.

No wait times, no appointments needed.

Enhancing Traditional Therapy with Seamless Integration.

Not only is Lyf Support an excellent resource for those in-between times, but it can also serve as a powerful complement to traditional therapy. With your consent, Lyf Support can forward transcripts of your sessions to your existing mental health therapist. This creates a comprehensive care experience, giving your therapist deeper insights into your day-to-day challenges. It’s a way to extend the care you receive to a 24/7 model, ensuring you have support whenever you need it, while keeping your therapist informed and engaged in your continuous journey towards mental wellness.

And provide deeper insights into your clients

With the freedom of being able to message their psych any time around the clock, clients often choose times when they are at their most vulnerable and, as such, can show different aspects of themselves to what they present at scheduled appointments.

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Our Proposal

We would like to leave information flyers in your practice for your clients to learn about Lyf Support.

Upon scanning the QR code, the client will be directed to download a free version of Lyf Support App which will be able to automatically identify that the client is from your practice.

We offer the first 30 minute messaging session for free.

Our Company Values

We’re for having Empathy
We’re for listening without judgement
We’re for being compassionate
We’re for treating others with kindness and patience

We’re for having Integrity
We’re for treating others with respect, fairness and dignity
We’re for honesty
We’re for building and upholding trust

We’re for being Authentic
We’re for conducting ourselves with sincerity
We’re for being original
We’re for being truthful

We’re for Teamwork
We’re for open communication and the harmonious sharing of thoughts
We’re for proactive collaboration
We’re for being united

We’re for Making a Difference
We’re for supporting and being supported
We’re for making an impact
We’re for making a difference together

Our “Why?”

Having overcome a battle with debilitating insomnia I have dedicated the past year to building Lyf Support App.

My own past experiences have formed the backbone of the Lyf Support concept. In many ways, I have created an app which provides what I would have wan ted/needed during my struggle but was either not technologically possible or just simply not available.

The main thing I wanted was professional advice or guidance at the exact time it would have its greatest impact, often at 2am. Obviously, I was unable to talk with my psych at that time. It was while lamenting this that I realised that the same applies to any mental health struggle. Wouldn’t it be more impactful to be able to talk to a professional right when symptoms were at their worst instead of waiting for days, weeks or months for an appointment? As a result, I created Lyf Support which is instantly available at any time including the middle of the night. It’s always there at exactly the time you want to talk.

While Lyf Support is readily available to all it is positioned to especially appeal to millennials and gen Z who are used to having multiple texts with friends going on all day every day.

– Eddie Wittenberg, Founder.

Edward Wittenberg

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'Lyf Support App' Download Button from App Store
'Lyf Support App' Download Button from Google Play Store